Monday, September 22, 2008

The Politics of Dancing (well writing a comic)

Being human and being inundated with political "news" it's only natural that on occasion a bit of politics will creep into Working Daze. I will try to keep it mostly to a minimum. I will also try to be mostly balanced. I believe it is time for a change for the country (look at the economy) but I also feel both sides are way too partisan putting the good of the few above the needs of the many. (Spock would be so upset.) Plus everybody tends to get greedy. I guess power really can corrupt. (Hey all those comic books can't be wrong.)

Plus no matter who wins at least we will have a new president come mid-January 09. That has to be good. Right?


Michael Young said...

I have been reading Working Daze for a while now, but just found the blog. You recently changed the style of the art work in the strip. I was wondering why. For the most part, I liked the old style better -- especially with regard to the female characters. Still love the strip either way.

Johnzakour said...

Further down in the blog the art style change is addressed. Kyle just became too busy to carry on.

scott roberts said...

Well, all men don't like the same kinds of women (and vice versa.) I have no idea what Kyle's tastes were and upon what he based his renditions of the characters. Certainly not on Andre Noel's. Believe it or not, mine are much closer to Kyle's than either style is to Andre's. I have to go with what I think works for me, 'cause that's the yardstick I know. But mine have changed quite a bit since I started, and will most likely continue to change. Kyle's changed too. Buy the paperback and see how much! Buy the book anyway!
And keep reading!