Friday, September 26, 2008

Now for Something Kindof Different

Just thought I'd share Scott's and mine Sam 3.14, PI with our readers. We will be pitching this as Ipod comic.

As for WD I am sure some of the economy's woes will be hitting our characters too.


scott roberts said...

And this shows why I'm enlarging the word balloons for the iPod version! Don't worry, kind readers, this will not be presented in Squint-O-Vision.

shipping troll said...

Funny, I once worked with an exotic dancer ( most of them hate the term stripper! Strippers, they say, work with painters.) named "Boom Z. Boom"
. Not the name her momma gave her, but CC La Boom just reminded me of her.
Thank geeks that it won't be Squint-O-Vision, My bi-focals barely do the job now on the Lockhorns! I will be looking forward to following this story!!

Chris said...

Good luck with Sam and please keep him pc accessible too.