Friday, September 12, 2008

Working Daze Blog

Hi All,

The Working Daze cartoon blog is back.

Here is where we will at times talk about the process that goes into creating Working Daze.

Here is also where at times we will sponsor contests or make announcements.

This will also be the spot where you can leave you complaints or kudos. Hopefully we will get more kudos.

The first thing I would like to address is the change of cartoonists to Scott Roberts. Scott's been doing it for a while now and I feel he's really gotten the hang of it. Yes, he's not Kyle Miller as Kyle wasn't Andre Noel who came before him. But each of the cartoonists who have drawn Working Daze have had their own separate skill sets. Once they catch on they really add a piece of themselves to the final product. I was sad to see Kyle go (but I realize his day job and busy family life have to take priorities.) I was just glad that Scott so ready and able to step in.

Don't forget to check vote in our poll to vote for your favorite Working Daze character.


Chris said...

Hi John
Don't know if I am in the right place for this but here goes.
You know how you have "You could be a geek" with Roy. I think Rita should have her own you could be ****. You have already put in a few that would have worked in it like the one with the sing on her desk "the buck stops here" and her answer.
Just an idea to think on.

Johnzakour said...

Thanks Chris, yes this is the place for comments such as those.


Chris said...

Hi again John
Now which of the work group will Roy be mad at for thinking the CD holder in the CPU is for their coffee cup?

Anonymous said...

Having been somewhat vocal -- alright, downright hysterical -- in my disapproval immediately after the changeover, I have to say the new style has grown on me. It's not the same -- and really, should we really have expected it would be? -- but it retains the essence of what we all had come to love about the strip.

I retract all the hysterical, fanatical things I had to say before -- except how much I like Working Daze. Scott (and of course you too, John) you're doing a great job, keep it up!

shipping troll said...

I must say that the only thing I miss is how HOT Kyle drew the women, that's my only complaint, and since they are only cartoons, I suppose I really can't complain much! Maybe I need to get out more?

Chris said...

I am with you troll on that one.

Robert said...

I was just wondering if the knock-out impact of Dana's garlic and extra onions pizza breath could match Medussa's stone cold stare?

By the way, if Dana is interested, we have a double anchovy pizza (DAP) club that has been in existance for over 20 years. She is welcome to join as long as she will actually eat DAP. We have several branches in the US, and meetings have been held on 3 continents.

Chris said...

Well I think it is time for Dana to one up Rita.
John I think a poll on the how would be fun.

Johnzakour said...

Actually in an upcoming series, Dana will get the last word in Rita.