Thursday, September 18, 2008

Early Poll Results

The early poll results are surprising (no not the ones that say Obama and Palin are close for this year's presidential election) the REALLY important poll on: Who's Your Favorite Working Daze character. I am surprised that at this early date Dana is polling even with Roy.

Of course it's still really early and we haven't publicized the blog our poll in the cartoon yet so I expect numbers to grow and maybe change. We'll see if these early poll results are indicative of overall popularity.

BTW, if you pick other it would be nice if you left a comment telling us who that other is. Is it Jay's computer? Roy's robo-dog pet? Andrew the graphics guy (who is due to make a come back...)?

1 comment:

revmcn said...

Why not let Rita experience a "temporary management reduction" as so many of her contemporaries have experienced? Not too bad a story line to see her angst at being laid off and find she's just one of the "hoi poloi" herself.